Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello world :) As if anyone still reads this dead blog haha.

My nuffnang currently has rm 48 ! and i can only cash it out if i have rm 51. Hehe, so i need to blog, and have readers in order to get my moneyy ! Please kindly help hehe :)

So how has my life been ? :) i must say it is pretty much good. Despite the fact that form 5 life is quite stress, homeworks are piling up everyday, and if ONE day, just one day u decide to slack, u'll die the next day. Okay, i am exagerating, but really, i have never been so stressed up with homeworks before. But i am getting the hang of it :) The first week of school was shitz. It felt as if i was in school for a very long time. Sigh, im trying to enjoy my last year in high school to the fullest :))

Class seems more fun with all the crazy friends. Though everyone switched to nerd mode this year, but we have our happy happy moments in class :)

These pics were taken on the first few days of school, when jensen brought his jap dude to school :) Spot him ! :D

And there was also Esfern's surprise. It was a saturday and it was fern's bday :) our very first surprise that went well :)

:) aww. heh.

To add on, a few other outings which is worth remembering :))

Sunway lagoon with my besties and Suke.

The few whom i joined handball with :))

Angelica's 17th :)

Mad's farewell at Waterlily

Kemuel's 16th bday dinner.

Church camp ! Eheh the star sandcastle so cute !

Aiyo, so lazy to find pictures la !

So yea. :D life's pretty good. Okay yay, i blogged ! & the next time i blog would probably be in a few months time !

Happy waiting :)))

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Since i have not been blogging for some time, this post will be very picture-y : D

So after our 'boardgame extravaganza' plan, we all decided to do something else together again ! :D and so this time, we had our 'Swimming Fandango'. I have no idea who came up with such names ! haha. :D

So we had our swimming session in Tropicana Club :) Had lots of fun that day and came back with sunburn all over my body ! Especially my shoulders, it hurt so badly for the past few days and even sleeping, my shoulders were so annoying ! :p But its okay, it was all worth it :) It was all so tiring and yet, we felt so satisfied after that hahha. :D

the swimmers for the day :)

the boys :)

My awesome photo skills. ignore the finger :p


Im a happy girll ! :DDD

Fern, without her specs ! :D heheheh.

And then, we had lunch in The Palms, the cheapest place you can find in trop, which is not so cheap after all -_- :)

Becky-ka looks extremely happy. aww :)

And, the bunch of kids ! :)

Fern & i heh (:

Although theres a clearer version of this 'pose', but i still prefer this :D

Belianers ( Sean & Mich not in the pic ! )

We should do this more often ! :) It was a great day and we all had fun ! :D heh.

The night before this, Jadeline and Tiffany organised a surprise party for theng yen as a support to her knee operation ! :D It's already done now and it went well, thank god :)))

We managed to surprise her ! :) Credits to jade and tiff for planning it well & cindy for dragging her to ou before that ! :)

Theme : fluorescent :D

Boh the dog :DDDD

^_^ V

TY's 'bang' pose haha.

As you can see, the pictures are really high quality & nice. :) DSLRs are love :)


& our game sessions :)))

Am currently enjoying my holidays. Although it gets abit boring at home, but have been catching up with movies on the cinema & spend some quality time with friends. And also not to forget, going for piano classes alot like every other end term holidays :) Its always nice to spend time there with many other students together ! :D

& I also hope time will pass slower for this holidays, I am totally not really for form 5 life and SPM :(

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time for Miracle :)

So after a year of school spent with them, I'm glad to say that i have awesome classmates and am so glad that i'll be spending my form 5 year with them too :))

We had our "boardgame" session at my house yesterday, which totally failed, cause everyone was too tempted to play with my wii ;D Endless shouts and laughs that day and thank god both my parents were out haha :D More wii sessions at my house, i dont mind :)

Lookin forward to our tennis/swimming/bowling session hehehe :))

On the other hand, few days ago, Emily & Wei chee planned a surprise dinner for Christine's bday :) Great job guys, we managed to surprise her ! :)

The dinner was in D'italian Kitchen, Jaya 33. Awesome food that night, every dish we ordered were so good :)

Aww 3 belian :')

Fern ! :)
Birthday Girl :)

& My best friend since form 2 :)

Ooh, finally shopping tmr :) with my lovely primary buddies ! :D whee.